Welcome to AstroBabies! My name is Charlotte and I am a professional Astrologer. To read more about how AstroBabies got started and more about me click here..

Reading children’s charts has always been my favourite part of Astrology as it gives such an insight into the workings of these fascinating little bundles of joy and also helps the adults around them to understand their children on a deeper level.

Astrology is more than just what Sun Sign you are!

When you are born, you have an individual snapshot of the universe at that moment and this gives us the map or guidebook for our life and personality from that moment on wards. This is why children who are born on the same day will have the same sun sign, but can be so opposite to one another… They could both be Gemini Sun signs but One born at one time could be shy and reserved and the other may be outgoing, confident and chatty…

To really know yourself, your child and/or your baby then you need to see the whole chart and have it read by a professional astrologer (like me! ;)).

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